Frequently Asked

Why Do I need a Membership?
We are happy to share the natural beauty we have been taking care of but as you can figure out landscaping, roads and security are basic services that  we cover. Your tiny fee help us to keep offerning a clean and secure space for you and your pet. 
Do I have to fill the registration form each month?
If you are a monthly registered member active on the current month, you have already filled it and your data has not change then is not necessary for you to fill it again.
Where can I pay?
You can pay online at your bank with a wire transfer to:
Also a PayPal option is available in case that your bank account doesn’t process Mexican Peso.
Many of our members, prefer to come by the Administration Office to pay with cash. Please reach by phone call to Administration at 415 152 8411 before your visit so they will be able to serve you better. 

Already a member and want to make a payment?

If you want to avoid wire transfers and taking time to go to Administration Office, you can pay here through PayPal Checkout.

Renewal Period for your individual Trails membership. Please select the period length you want to renew (Month or Year).