Valle de Los Senderos is an award winning and evolving mixed use country development, just 2 miles from the most talked about and dynamic small city in the world, San Miguel de Allende.

We have a vision for a community that combines the natural environment with personal well-being. A unique development that embraces a cultural, social and physical lifestyle, we are focused on building a community of like minded people that have a sincere respect for nature and the planet, through embracing tolerance and diversity.

Real Estate







 Just 2 miles from San Miguel de Allende’s downtown. Carr. Dolores Hidalgo KM 3.5. San Miguel de Allende, Gto, Mexico


There are currently roadworks on the highway to Dolores Hidalgo, so we are inviting you to enter the development using
ACCESS 2 located at: 
Av Central 101, Col. Adolfo López Mateos, 37738 San Miguel de Allende, Gto.


TELEPHONE: (+52) 415 152 8411








Valle de Los Senderos is the first authentic model of sustainable development in Latin America –an all inclusive LIFESTYLE community and wellness resort

The property of Valle de Los Senderos is owned by Quetzalotes, SA de CV and operated by Valle de Los Senderos SA de CV.

The name Valle de Los Senderos, evokes a journey back to what’s essential: an elemental bond with nature and reconnection with the beauty of the earth and an opportunity to realign and integrate body, mind and spirit.

Far more than a trendy, flavor of the month “green hype”, Los Senderos walks the talk. This mission is reflected in everything we do, from our holistic approach to thoughtful master-planning, our residential and supporting amenities´ designs co-existing with nature, our dedication to maintaining a light footprint upon the earth, to our daily practices and socially responsible business ethics.  

“My personal goal is to create an organic and collaborative environment.
What this means is achieving balance and harmony within the elements while adding value to the community through innovation and empathy”



The core goal of the development entity is to develop the preeminent mixed-use community in Latin America while earning LOS SENDEROS an international reputation as an outstanding model of sustainable development.

This will be achieved through:

  • Creating a holistic, aesthetic and inspirational mixed-use environment.
  • Establishing the nucleus for a dynamic and lucrative commercial enterprise that will boost the economy of the region.
  • Seeking innovative and responsible technology to further enhance the enterprise’s inherent synergies.
  • Maintaining economies of scale between the component parts.
  • Forging intelligent, strategic partnerships.

The vision requires that every strategic alliance, be they business, operator, resident or staff member engage and develop as a living example of harmony between Nature, Community and the Economy, to inspire our visitors, neighbors, suppliers, customers and the community at large.

Francesca Fisher, CEO & Master planner


The project is promoted by Francesca Fisher, CEO of both companies, originally from New Zealand, a permanent resident of San Miguel de Allende since 1984.  Coming from a background in the advertising and film industries, Francesca has accumulated over 35 years of real estate development experience in New Zealand and Mexico, including residential homes, apartment and retail buildings, a luxury boutique hotel and several restaurants.  In 2010, the State of Guanajuato Tourism Department awarded Valle de Los Senderos as the leading sustainable mixed-use development in the region.

Read more about Francesca’s adventurous background and why she transformed an international Film Colony into an Urban Oasis and Lifestyle Community.


BACKGROUND: Visiting from New Zealand via the USA film festival circuit to Mexico in 1984 Francesca subsequently settled in San Miguel de Allende, and founded Quetzal Films. While servicing several prominent US clients such as HBO, Nickleodeon and Disney, her small but dynamic company drove the first initiative to draw attention to the region as a viable location for filming TV series, commercials and international feature films. Subsequent to the establishment of the State of Guanajuato’s first Film Commission in the early 2000’s, Francesca’s original vision and conceptual development of the business plan for the Film Colony – an ambitious project to include a full service film studio facility, with backlots, sound stages, lodgings and support amenities – resulted in strategic alliances with “The Film Studio Group” – SHM Development Group, and architects Bastien & Asociados.

The ideal 250 acre (100 Hectares) property, nestled in an undiscovered valley just minutes outside of San Miguel de Allende was located and purchased from a famous charro (horseman), who took some convincing to give up his secret hideout. Ms Fisher and Don Javier Origel found common ground in their love for movies (he had featured in some iconic Hollywood / Mexican westerns) and their commitment for preserving natural environments. A few rounds of tequila and hours of mutual storytelling helped seal the deal. Latin America’s most comprehensive destination Film Studio complex had found its new home, and an important and creative source for economic development for San Miguel generated much excitement and media exposure both nationally and internationally.

However, due to the global economic crisis beginning in 2009, and the resulting flight of most of the promised investment funds, Francesca utilized her previous experience as an executive and creative in advertising and film production agencies. Stepping up to the task of re-mastering the development plan for the property which now is known as Valle de Los Senderos was a fascinating challenge to a woman, not known to give up so easily.

In her words: “I saw a great opportunity to combine my concern for the environment, my tendency as a multi-tasker and experience in film direction, with my passion for both architectural and landscape design. I envision this as a 5-D movie you can live in – an ever evolving dream, in which I can create inspiring landscapes and offer both dynamic and relaxing environments, evoking a range of emotions and multi-sensorial responses for anyone visiting, working, or living here permanently”.

“Organically attracting highly talented collaborators and motivated investors to help fulfil the vision is such a joy. I have amazing mentors and am learning the art of patience! Working and playing in San Miguel is like combining a Fellini film with a buddhist retreat. What could be better?”

Aside from film direction and theatre acting (UK), her academic background includes studies in anthropology, and journalism. She happily lives with her dog, cat, horse, and parrot (at Valle de Los Senderos of course) and visits with her family and “old chums” back in New Zealand once a year.


Info regarding Advisors to Valle de Los Senderos


Lic. Alberto Gerardo Kaim Perdomo (Legal Advisor)
•    Former CEO – AKGROUP
•    More than 20 years of experience as a corporate lawyer who provided legal support to the Tax Administrator of SAT, expert in generating and strengthening a culture of compliance and risk reduction, generating savings for the organization.
•    Executive Manager of projects for legal regulatory affairs in Mexico, Japón, Singapore, China, USA and Brazil.
•    Skilled negotiator who has coordinated external offices, litigation, permits, government requirements and other matters

Ben Beckhart – (Financial Advisor) Founder and President of Beckhart Engendra, a Leadership and Strategic Advisory firm
•    As a former CEO, he founded, headed start-up business operations and grew subsidiaries of Fortune 100 companies in Mexico and Latin America.
•    Active in several NGOs and on the board of directors of private companies.
•    Author of the book “Lead with Character – Lead by Doing the Right Thing, Stand up for Kindness, and Build a Better Future” and Chair of the Leadership Conference.

Stephan Smith (Commercial Development)
•    Managing partner and founder of SHM Development Group
•    Co-developer of the Los Angeles Center, one of the largest development sites in downtown Los Angeles spanning more than 5 million square feet of mixed-use development
•    Developer/ Operator Los Angeles Center Studios, Film Studio Complex
Advisory Council member of the Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment Commission

Operations and Collaborators
•    Dr. Jeff Pendergraft – General Operations, COO Valle de Los Senderos SA. de
•    Grupo Habitas   (Hotel, resort and Spa Operations)
•    Lucas Franco – Eco-Tourism,  Hotels  CEO  and founder of  Luxury Frontiers.
•    Rosenda Ruiz – PR, Blogger, media link.
•    Star Resorts (Market Research) –Residential Club, Time Share and Fractional Properties)

Urban Planning, Architectural Design and Landscaping
•    Francesca Fisher – Master Plan, Landscaper, Manaia Resort Conceptual Architecture, Equestrian Center and Amenities
•    Arq. Mario Schjetnan – Urbanism, Landscaping
•    Crockett and Gutierrez (USA) – Winery and residential design
•    Arq. Luis Sanchez Renero – Residential
•    Arq. Mauricio Rocha – Spa complex and residential
•    Hal Box (deceased) – Urban planning
•    Sir Noel Robinson – Urban planning, marketing strategy.

Chispa AC Creative Team
•    Alain Gauthier (Artistic Director, Choreographer – Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia / Odiseo) 
•    Thornton Bayliss – Having worked on dozens of big budget Hollywood movies over the past 35 years, “Trou” was the acclaimed  inventor of the Cablecam,  which won him an Academy Award for  Scientific and Technical Achievement.
•    Robin Rawstorne   – Creative Director Rawstorne Studios, comes from a global design background which was immersed in the worlds of theatre, dance and opera. Recent  Projects include:  Apec CEO Summit 2021, the League of Legends Worlds Opening Ceremony in Seoul which took place in front of a live audience of around 30,000 and an online audience of 200 million.
•    Sarah Johnson  – Creative Producer, leads the Rawstorne studio with a collaborative and pragmatic approach to problem solving. Building and managing their extraordinary diverse teams who assist in the development, design and fabrication of their projects.


Jeffrey Morrison. (Legal Advisor) Partner of Jeff Morrison & Associates
• CEO of Argosy Property, a public company
• 40-years experience in real estate development and transactions
Andrew Spencer (financial advisor) Partner of Spencer Chartered Accounting
• Shareholder/Director at Mt. Cardrona Station, a 1,000-hectare mixed-use property development
• 30 years of experience in real estate developments
Stephen Fisher (commercial advisor) CEO of Fisher International Limited
• Shareholder/ Director in a major private real estate development company for the past 30 years
Peter Cullinane Director NZME. Assignment Group (Branding, Strategy)


A key component of the founders’ vision is the company’s sister organization, CHISPA AC –  an outstanding, ground breaking and financially sustainable, non-profit mentoring program.


Empowering and providing unique opportunities to young men and women, CHISPA develops healthy life skills, a respect for the environment, and ethical leadership among youths at risk and those who influence them. This is achieved through team building, training with dogs and horses, fostering creative talent in the arts and entertainment arenas, providing a world-class platform to exhibit these skills, and inspiring their peers to follow suit.

Learn how you can support CHISPA here.