How important is your family's connection to nature?

Residents Brandon and Nancy share their personal experience living in Valle de Los Senderos.

Why did you choose Valle de Los Senderos?

Nancy: We chose Senderos because we were looking for a place to live year round in Mexico. When my husband showed me Los Senderos, I thought ‘Yes, I can live here in this jewel of San Miguel.’ It’s so close to town, but just far enough out that you really feel like you are interacting with nature. I really feel safe here and that is very important to me as a mother of three.

What do you appreciate most about the founder’s vision for Los Senderos?

Nancy: What I love most about the vision of Los Senderos is that there is so much green space and this entire ecological preserve that will never be built upon. That was such a driving force for me to say yes to buying here. I also love the founder’s vision of sustainability, it’s an organic place with no pesticides and an emphasis on green development. I want my kids to grow up learning how to take care of the environment. We honor it and we view it as part of ourselves.

Brandon: What I love about the founder’s vision is the emphasis on the environment aspects of the development. They’ve put a lot of thought into the environmental impact. We have amazing wildlife like rabbits, eagles, falcons, all kinds of birds. It’s really a lovely place that they’re really caring for. That’s important to me.

How do you feel about the amenities on site?

Brandon: There’s really so much to take advantage of here at Los Senderos. Of course the thermal pools, there’s a kid’s area with a slide, our kids love that. The vineyards and the trails, a horse center if you’re into horseback riding. We love to walk through the trails and watch the sunset.

What do you experience when driving home through Los Senderos?

Nancy: We drove into Los Senderos with our kids yesterday and we went by the equestrian center and saw this beautiful carriage being pulled by these two giant horses and we just looked at each other and we’re like ‘how did we end up in this paradise!’ I mean there’s these little vignettes that just happen when you live here. It’s so cool because my 2 year old can see all this wildlife, literally right outside our door!

What do you love most about living in Los Senderos?

Nancy: What I love most about living in Los Senderos is that I can walk out my front door and interact with nature. I can take a long walk and see a few friendly neighbors but not too many. It’s safe for my kids to go out and ride their bikes.

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