Why a horse? The awesome beauty and inherent power of horses influence people in incredible ways. Horses are large and powerful, and their presence creates a natural opportunity to face fear and develop confidence. Learning to safely and effectively work around a creature weighing around 1000 pounds or more requires patience, trust, compassion, awareness, and self-confidence. Gaining or enhancing these traits alone can be quite an accomplishment. Horses have the added benefit of being very social creatures, with a strict hierarchy and societal rules that are very similar to human communities. An interesting factor about horses is that most have similar personality characteristics in one form or another to humans. Perhaps the most important aspect of using horses in therapy is that they are consummately honest creatures. A horse’s inability to lie can be invaluable in seeing what youth may be attempting to hide or manipulate. Horses’ body language, by which they communicate most of their feelings and actions, can reveal a youth’s real self and begin to break down barriers and communication blocks. Horses are remarkable teachers of relationships and facilitators of human development. They have an amazing ability to resonate with our true emotions and reflect our authentic self.