Rupert Sheldrake posits that “memory is inherent in nature,” that “natural systems… inherit a collective memory from all previous things of their kind.” There are many implications to this, but the main one is that once a thing has been done, it is easier to do it again

For example, running the four-minute mile, improving IQ test scores as more people take the test and the reduced time it takes to crystalize a new type of crystal as more attempts as made.

People criticize this, Sheldrake’s theory of “morphic resonance.” They also criticize his other revolutionary ideas: precognition (dogs know when their masters are coming home), empirical research into telepathy and the psychic staring effect (people look up when you stare at them); all of which he has written books about.

But we all know that the converse of morphic resonance is true. Anyone who has tried knows that it’s hard to do something new, something that has never been done before. This is so for small things. Take our habits for instance. Anyone who has made a new resolution knows that it’s easier to continue doing what we are used to doing, to follow our old habits, than it is to hold to our new ideal.

True for small things, it is perhaps more so for large endeavors. Blazing a trail makes it easier for those that follow, but trailblazing is hard work. The larger the endeavor, the harder the work.

Valle Los Senderos is a very large, cutting-edge endeavor. It’s director, Francesca Fisher thinks big. She has been involved, for over a decade now, in the great effort of creating something new, something terrifically innovative, on 300 acres just outside of town.

Really, it may have once been outside of town, but it isn’t now. Los Senderos is adjacent to town just past the glorieta at las Ventanas. It is a piece of old San Miguel. You might call it an “Urban Oasis,” but it’s much larger than any oasis ever was. And there is no urban feel about it. It’s a pure country, a sanctuary of nature.

But, then, it wasn’t always a nature sanctuary. When Francesca found it was largely a litter-strewn wasteland. She cleaned it up, turning it into a wonderful terrain of various gorgeous landscapes, mini and micro-environs.

With her background in film, Francesca’s first idea was to create a film studio. When economic (the crash of 2008) and political (bad press about San Miguel) realities made that impossible, she scaled back that vision (but did not abandon it) and refocused.

In fact, she enlarged her vision. Valle Los Senderos is now a multi-use environment that fosters a deep respect for heritage, cultural diversity, social betterment and sensitivity to the environment. Los Senderos is dedicated to providing owners and guests with holistic, world-class well-being as a starting point to live and enjoy the natural beauty of San Miguel de Allende.

Los Senderos continues to grow and evolve. Francesca’s thoroughly competent team is expanding and bringing on core offerings to strengthen her vision. These include wellness programs, cultural programs and more. All these augment the facility’s impressive resources already in place.

There is a lot more to say, recounting the past, presenting the present, forecasting the future. Come along as we follow the trail that’s been blazed, that Francesca is yet blazing. Follow along here and come visit Valle Los Senderos.

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